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About Us


Our network of communities of gay men living with HIV include impac+NYC, impac+Philly, Poz Alliance Dallas, UB2 in Boston, HOPE DC in Washington, Denver impact, and Thrive Tribe in LA.



Positive Alliance formed in 2009 to link together social mixers for HIV-positive gay men in New York, Washington, and Philadelphia. By 2011, the simple social mixers had evolved into a new resource in and of itself, connecting people socially and with medical, welfare and support services provided by organizations across the area. Over time, the shared vision of community, adventure, and support evolved, which in turn brought together a new wave of energy and interest in Positive Alliance. Even with recent advances in HIV treatment and HIV prevention, HIV stigma is still a powerful reality for most HIV-positive gay men and the need for a purely social community is very real across the entire US. Recognizing this need as being universal for HIV-positive gay men, Positive Alliance is now in the early stages of building a national network of communities to provide support and adventure to HIV-positive gay men from all walks of life. Positive Alliance’s national network of communities will provide interpersonal connections and collaboration to make sure that any HIV-positive gay man can connect with his community, with resources, and with opportunities to give back to others in his community.

If you are interested in learning more about the communities in our network, how to join our network, or how to create a community in your area please email pozalliance@gmail.com.

Board of Directors


Executive Director

Michael has been participating in Positive Alliance events since early 2009 when he still lived in DC. He started coming to NYC events when he moved to NYC in 2011 and began working with Josh (pictured below) on ways the group can grow in NYC and spread to other cities the way Jacob (pictured below) first imagined it. Using his 12 years of experience in organizational planning and development, Michael worked with Josh to assemble the first Board of Directors and to formalize Positive Alliance as a not-for-profit organization. Michael is thrilled to see Positive Alliance take off in NYC and other cities to bring fun and safe social experiences for HIV+ gay men.


Director of Events & Activities

J Ashton Lei has been a social butterfly his entire life. He spent X number of years in Denver CO where he worked as a stylist and fashion guru, produced fashion shows, wrote a column in a monthly gay publication and acted as a judge, sometimes mentor for many talent, drag and fashion events locally. His company, Style by J Ashton worked closely with CAP, Colorado AIDS Project and theHIV/AIDS community. When he moved to NYC to take his professional career to a new level in the spring of 2012, a friend insisted J attend the weekly party at the Ritz where he met and became fast friends with Josh. J Ashton has a uncanny knack for socializing and getting others involved in fun, wacky and unusual situations. So it seemed a great fit to use his natural ability, southern charm, and magnetic personality to bring a sense of adventure to the organization.


Director Emeritus

Jacob has lived up and down the East Coast in the great cities of NYC, DC, and Philadelphia. He believes in respect, integrity and the love of all human kind. He wants to help bridge the gap worldwide and to help end poverty, HIV and Global Warming and he supports many other causes. He volunteers for many organizations, as he likes to give his time to help others. In addition to being socially-conscious, Jacob loves meeting people from every background and is quick to make friends. He started the idea for Positive Alliance in 2009 as a way to blend his interests of combatting HIV stigma and offering unique social support through fun and dynamic communities. Jacob started events in Washington, DC and Philadelphia in addition to working with Josh Wellman to start the IMPAC+ community in NYC. As a DC resident, he is a frequent attender of HOPE DC community events! Jacob is currently studying to become a medical doctor.