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Positive Alliance communities offer all kinds of activities to bring adventure to your life! The types of activities vary by community! If you are interested in helping establish a new community near you, email us above and we can get started!


IMPAC+NYC (serving greater NYC)

How we do what we do

We are driven by a leadership committee made up of our board and other key folks important to running impac+NYC. The leadership committee works with the social committee to set up and staff events. Social committee also identifies activities happening around NY and coordinates groups of our members to attend things like Divali, AIDS Walk, NY Pride Parade Viewing, etc. The leadership committee also works with the membership committee to keep outreach materials up-to-date and in circulation around NY. Membership committee also provides informational presentations at universities, health centers, bars, places of worship, community centers, and other institutions where queer men gather. Once a year the leadership committee calls all impac+NYC members together for a check in.




impac+NYC formed in 2009 to bring gay men living with HIV in New York together in a weekly social mixer. By 2014, the simple social gathering had evolved into a community with over 300 active members. Over the last several years, impac+NYC has expanded to include monthly dinners and brunches, volunteer activities, fundraisers, picnics, arts walks, beach trips, river cruises, house mixers, and periodic trips to other cities. As of 2017 we have nearly 500 active members.


Social Committee

Our next meeting has not yet been scheduled. Stay tuned for details!


Membership Committee

Our next meeting has not yet been scheduled. Stay tuned for details!


Leadership Committee

For information on joining our Leadership Committee, write to Listed below are our current officers who are open sharing their status.

Michael Hager, Executive Director <photo and bio>

Jeanathan Lei, Social Director <photo and bio>

Timothy Lunceford-Stevens, Finance Director <photo and bio>

IMPAC+ Philly

impac+Philly (serving Philadelphia, PA)

IMPAC+ Philly aims to cultivate an affirming, supportive, and empowering peer community of HIV positive gay men. Our events transcend the typical gay “party/drinking/sex” scene and set us apart from HIV support groups of which there are a few out there. For anyone who is looking for those, we will connect them. This social group is more about an integrated approach that pulls it all together for us. We aim to nurture and support one another in a way that raises the vibration and quality of life behind what it means to be living with HIV. We hope to engage in fun activities like brunches, dinners, happy hours, hiking, nature excursions, yoga (indoors and outdoors), kickball/volleyball, trips like camping, Rehoboth beach weekends, and maybe even foreign travel via plane or cruises. We will generally meet once a month as we embark on the journey to positive living as a group of poz guys. Let’s get high naturally by rising to a higher vibration that really puts us more in touch with deeper aspects within us and truly nurtures our minds, bodies, and spirits. We welcome poz, gay men of Philadelphia and our allies to IMPAC+ Philly and look forward to sharing together.

If you are an HIV positive, gay male and wish to become a member, you can do so by sending us an email at or sending us a private message on our Facebook fan page.


HOPE DC (serving greater Washington, DC)

HOPE DC hosts a number of monthly social events in and around the District. Brunches and dinners are sometimes at people’s homes and sometimes in local eateries. Monthly social mixers are most often in spacious homes with lovely yards and plenty of space to stretch out and meet some of our hundreds of members! for more visit us at



UB2 (serving Boston, MA)

UB2 is a non-profit social support group committed to improving the holistic health of gay men in the Greater Boston area who are HIV-positive. Stigma attached to HIV has contributed to social isolation for so many, often exacerbating deep-seated feelings of shame and loneliness. At UB2, we strive to create a community where men can come together and feel supported, all in creative ways that allow us to have fun together. We brunch, we bowl, we beach, we barbecue, we braid each other’s hair . . . and so much more! While UB2 is not a support group in the traditional sense, we have been successful nonetheless at helping men establish meaningful connections, so that if nothing else, they are reminded that they are not alone on their journey down this often long and tortuous path. UB2 wants its members to be not simply alive with HIV, but truly living and thriving with HIV. To learn more about us, please feel free to visit our website or find us on Facebook as “UB2 Boston.”