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This page contains a running list of supportive resources for each of the communities served but the Positive Alliance network. Feel free to email us with suggestions for supportive resources!

The following resources are available anywhere and a great source of information on specific supportive resources.

Social Networking and Online Communities – An online community for HIV+ people, and the online version of Poz Magazine.


Poz-I-Am – An online radio show and social network for HIV+ men and their supporters.


SIN NYC – The local group for Strength in Numbers.


Poz Personals – The personals portion of (awkward interface but lots of cute guys!).


General Health Info, Studies, Etc. – A valuable medical resource for treatment information. – Another valuable medical resource.


ACRIA – Volunteer to participate in trials and studies, or simply keep up-to-date on research.


AIDSMap News – A UK-based information site. Really well-designed, very informative.


Fun Stuff From (or For) HIV+ Guys

My Fabulous Disease – A really fun blog by a well-informed HIV+ man, with videos.


HIVster – A very entertaining, informative, thought-provoking site run by some HIV+ hipsterrific guys.


Living Pozitively – A blog written by HIV+ escape artist and speaker Daniel Bauer.


HIV Equal – A Campaign to bring social awareness to HIV issues.


Partners in Care – Dedicated to patient retention in HIV+ care, with an eye on better health and fuller living!


Volunteering and Advocacy

Volunteer Positive – Did you know that most major volunteer organizations discriminate against HIV+ volunteers? We didn’t either. Here’s a place you can volunteer to make a contribution to the world until we knock down those barriers!


God’s Love We Deliver – God’s Love We Deliver is the tri-state area’s leading provider of nutritious, individually-tailored meals to people who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.


Housing Works – A fantastic charity and a great place to shop (or donate your better second-hand items).


Join or Donate to an AIDS Walk Team! – AIDS Walk benefits Gay Men’s Health Crisis


The HIV Law Project – An organization that provides free legal services to HIV+ clients and advocates for fair laws for HIV+ people.


The Sero Project – An organization dedicated to combating criminalization of HIV and HIV+ people, which remains a surprisingly widespread phenomenon.


IMPAC+ (serving greater NYC)

General Supportive Resources – Benefits, healthcare, mental health, etc.
Gay Life NYC – Hosted by one of our regular guests, Gay Life NYC is a comprehensive resource website (and also happens to feature tons of Broadway studs).

Callen-Lorde – A great, comprehensive healthcare provider for all gay people but especially HIV+ people.

Gay Men’s Health Crisis – Tons of great resources, programming, and services – one of the biggest HIV service organizations in the world.

Friends In Deed – A local group dedicated to providing support and guidance to those facing chronic or terminal illness.

The LGBT Center – The Center is dedicated to celebrating gay life and institutions, while providing resources for members of the community.

The Center for Comprehensive Care – The newly-relocated resource for HIV+ people seeking care (link seems to be broken, will keep checking).

Friends for Life – Offers a combination of information and support services for people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS in the Northern New Jersey area.

IMPAC+ Philly

IMPAC+ Philly (serving greater Philadelphia, PA)


HOPE DC (serving greater Washington, DC)


UB2 (serving Boston, MA)